When you were a kid, were you fascinated with everything futuristic? Maybe that fascination has lingered, and you have decided to give your new restaurant an ultramodern design. If that's the case, are you still looking for decorating ideas? From selecting channel letter sign design services for the outside of your restaurant to decorating the inside in a modern way, here are some ideas that might help you to design a unique and attractive restaurant.

Custom Letter Sign Design Services For Outside

Think of working with a service that will do custom channel letters for the outside of your restaurant. Select bold lettering with the futuristic feeling you like. For example, huge metal block letters with a sleek, bold design would be one idea that you might like. You can combine lettering, too. Say the name of your business is something like "Foods From The Future." The first letter of each of those words could be done in very large metal block letters, and the remaining lettering could be done in smaller cursive style lettering. You can even have the lettering done in a neon design so that it will stand out during dark hours.

If you're just not sure what kind of channel letters to select, the salespeople can help. They'll have a portfolio of designs from which you can make your choices. You might want to tweak the letters that are in the portfolio. If so, that can happen, too. Reach out to a company such as 1 Source Signs to learn more.

Decorate The Inside In A Modern Way

Think of selecting custom channel letters for the inside walls of your modern restaurant, too. For example, choose the same metal letters for designating the restrooms, but order those letters on a smaller scale. And just for added interest, have a depiction of a super modern guy and a super modern girl as part of the bathroom lettering design. 

Carry the channel letter design throughout the restaurant. For example, words like ​"Welcome To Future Fabulous Eating" and "Please Wait For The Space Cadet To Seat You" could be done in metal block lettering, too. This time, though, think of adding some pizzaz to the lettering by having a lightning bolt as part of the design.  

Since lettering will be part of the design of your restaurant, you might as well make it unique and fun, right? Seeing custom channel letters as customers approach the restaurant will help to set the ultramodern mood you want.