A road sign can really grab customers' attention and draw them into your business — but only if it is designed properly. Poorly designed signs are far too easy for people to drive by and essentially ignore. If you want your road sign to generate interest and increase your business, then here are some design tips you'll want to follow.

Choose Contrasting Colors

Choose a background color that really stands out against the color of any text you include on the sign. For example, yellow text would really stand out on a deep blue background. Purple text would really stand out on a white background. But you would not want pale blue text on a dark blue background because the colors blend with each other too much to be noticeable.

Keep it Short

Your road sign is not a place to tell your whole story or list all of your business's services. You should keep the message short and sweet. In many cases, including just your business name, the address (or an arrow pointing in the right direction), and your major service is good enough. For example, your sign could say "Jason's Motors / 555 Grand Rd. // Transmissions Are Our Specialty!" You want people to immediately read the whole sign as soon as they see it, not feel like they need to keep staring and reading as they drive down the road.

Use Visuals

If you're really limited on space, a sign with just basic text is okay. But if you have a larger size to work with, try including some visuals to enhance the experience. A picture of a transmission in the background would work well for the example Jason's Motors business above. If your business lends itself to a simplified, cartoon-like image, then go with that. For example, if you own a hair salon, a pair of scissors would work well.

Stick With Simple Fonts

This is not a place to get experimental with unique fonts. You want something simple and easy to read, like Ariel, Times New Roman, or Helvetica. You do not want to use script fonts because they are harder to read quickly, which won't work well for people driving by.

If you keep the tips above in mind, the sign you design should be attractive and effective. Talk to your sign company for more tips and advice that may be better suited for your unique business.