Most real estate agents have a listing checklist of the things they need to do, once a listing agreement with a client is signed. One of the top priorities is to get the sign up. Listings on busy roads often get a flood of phone calls from potential buyers, when they see the 'for sale' sign as they drive by. While most real estate offices have signs for their agents to use, top agents know to buy their own commercial real estate signs. There are four standard ones that everyone uses and one type of commercial real estate sign that is just for fun.

1. Name Rider: A rider is the narrow sign that sits on top of the 'for sale' sign in a pre-drilled channel or hangs below it. Having a name rider is an easy and inexpensive way to change a standard-issue office 'for sale' sign into a customized one. Realtors need to get their name seen as often as possible, for name recognition with potential clients. 

2. Custom Photo Sign: Once an agent has a little more money to spend on supplies, he or she should invest in a custom photo sign. This type of sign advertises the property for sale with a photo of the agent directly on the sign. Having a fully customized real estate sign presents the agent as a full-time, professional agent who means business. Having their face recognized around town is just as important, if not more important, for a busy agent.  

3. Sold Rider: Sold riders are fairly ubiquitous in real estate. Every seller, buyer, and Realtor wants to put that sold rider up as soon as possible. Experienced agents know that it doesn't go up until all inspections are complete and all contingencies are waived. 

4. Just Listed Rider: Many Realtors like custom sign riders that state the property has just been listed. One caveat with this type of real estate sign, however, is that the realtor must remove it within two weeks. There is nothing worse than a six month old listing with a 'just listed' rider on it. 

Finally, one last type of sign that adds a little fun to your work day is a custom 'adjective' rider. New agents may not have extra money to invest in this type of rider initially but, as time goes by, they can build up a stash of fun riders. The real estate sign riders could be informative ('Pool') to complimentary ('I'm gorgeous inside!). Some agents have even ordered the infamous tongue-in-cheek 'Not Haunted!' rider. For more info, visit a site like