The saying goes, "Don't judge a book by its cover," but people often do. Just as people judge books by their covers, they also judge businesses by their storefronts. Appearances matter. Make a good impression on potential customers by increasing your business's curb appeal with these four tips:

1. Utilize planters.

The concrete jungle can sometimes be a dull, grey place. Allow your business to be a breath of fresh air among steel and concrete by utilizing planters. Plant cheerful, colorful perennials that will grow back year after year. Look for hearty plants that don't need a lot of water. When you choose the right plants, you'll be able to enjoy their beauty, without having to invest a lot of time into their upkeep.

2. Keep your store clean.

Nothing is less appealing than a storefront that's cluttered with litter, graffiti, and dirty windows. Make an effort to keep your store and the space around it clean, inside and out. If your windows are difficult to clean, you may want to invest in professional window washing, especially for tall and hard-to-reach windows. By taking fifteen minutes to pick up trash outside your business each morning, you will be crafting a cleaner and more polished image.

3. Discourage loitering.

Once you've cleaned up your storefront, you can go a step further by discouraging loitering. When people loiter, they make potential customers feel unwelcome. Clearly posted "no loitering" signs can discourage this behavior. You can also train your employees to politely ask people to move along, when they have spent too long loitering in front of the building. If you already employ a security company, this is a task well-suited to their skill set.

4. Invest in an illuminated sign.

Signs help your store maintain visibility. An illuminated sign will make this possible, even at night. Before purchasing a sign, really consider the aesthetic that you want to portray. Your sign alerts customers to your store's presence, but it should also be pleasing to look at. Make sure to buy your sign from a good designer, so you end up with an illuminated sign that enhances your storefront.  Company like Aubrey Sign Co can help.

You put a lot of time and effort into your business because you care about its success. Make the effort to cultivate an intentional, appealing image as well. By improving your business's curb appeal, you can attract new customers and make a name for your company.