Most buildings in the past relied on neon signs to grab the attention of their customers. However, neon signs, while they are still used today, have a more antiquated look today and suggest to customers that you have not updated your business recently. When you are competing with other businesses, it makes more sense to retrofit neon signs with LED lights.

LED Signs Are Superior to Neon Signs

LED lights will save you more money than neon signs. LED lights do not require as much maintenance. An LED light creates a more even light distribution than other types of lights. Overall, your business will have a better experience with an LED sign.

LED Signs Will Save You Money

Even though LED lights are a great option for business owners, each business will need its own unique approach to retrofitting their existing signs with LED signs. The costs of LED lights continue to fall, but waiting to have your building retrofitted will not necessarily save you money. In fact, waiting for prices to fall may actually cost your building more money in energy costs. How much you'll be able to save is based on how much electricity you use, how often you use your signs, and how many signs you use. 

You Can Retrofit with LED Signs

Fortunately, there are many experienced facility management advisers who are able to examine your signs and conduct an analysis to determine whether you would see a great return on your investment to replace your neon signs with LEDs. 

Before you replace your signs, you'll want to perform a sign audit to determine if they are currently meeting the needs of your business. Walk around your business at night and determine if the existing lights are strong enough to meet the needs of your business. You may not only need to switch to LED lights, but you may also need to have more signage installed than what you previously had.

There may also be better ways to deliver power to your lights. For example, if you were previously delivering electricity to each individual light, you may instead choose to have a strip that is built into the sign and have electricity pass from the strip to each of the letters. You may also decide to mount the sign in a different manner. Regardless of the decision you make, you'll be better off with an LED sign.

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