One of the most important things you can do to the outside of your business is to install a sign that everyone can see. Choosing the right commercial sign and where it should go is important, and working with a professional sign shop will help you get the results you are after with your new sign. 

The Right Sign

If you own the building your business is located in, you can choose just about any kind of sign you want for the outside of the building, but if you lease a spot, you may have to have the sign approved by the property owner or management company that oversees the property. One thing you may want to do is look at the signs that are in place on other shops in the same building or complex to get an idea of what is allowed. 

Talk to the owner about your options then talk to the sign shop and see what they can do for you while staying within the guidelines that you have from the building owner. Sometimes neon signs are not allowed or signs that have a lot of bright lights that might detract from other tenants in the building.

Weight and Structure of the Sign

One of the things that you need to check is what the building will support. The sign is going to attach to the face of the outer wall of the building and if the sign is too heavy, it could become a problem. The sign shop can inspect the area that the sign is going hang in and let you know what will work. If there was a sign there prior to you moving into the space, there may be wiring and mounting holes already in the building that the installer can reuse when they mount your sign. 

Signs with Lights

If your business is open after dark, you need to have some lighting either inside the sign or shinning on the exterior of the sign so people can see it. Talk with the shop that is building the sign about the options for lights and what they suggest. 

Many businesses opt for an acrylic sign with an aluminum frame that is lightweight and can have a light inside to illuminate the entire sign after dark, but still have your logo or brand on it for the world to see. You may want to consider this option because it allows you to keep your brand recognizable to anyone that that has seen your logo somewhere else.