If you're setting up a barbecue restaurant, developing your menu, decorating the space appropriately, and hiring one or more experienced pitmasters will be important before you open your doors for paying guests. You'll also need to develop a logo and have a custom sign built that will alert the community to your presence. The name of your establishment will be important, but you need to think about the imagery that you'll use on your sign, too. For a barbecue restaurant, there are a number of iconic images that will instantly help people identify the nature of your restaurant — and hopefully get their taste buds tingling, too. Here are some ideas.

Animal Shape

You can't go wrong with choosing an animal shape for a custom sign for your barbecue restaurant. Think about the types of meats that you have on the menu. Generally, this list will include beef, pork, and chicken. You can think about choosing a custom sign in the silhouette of any of these animals. A large sign that is shaped like a bull, for example, will quickly make people think of beef and, by extension, barbecued fare. This is especially true when they take in the wording on your sign.


The shape of flames is another image that can work well for a barbecue restaurant and give people a clear idea of what your business is about. When people think about flames in the culinary arena, they often think about barbecued food. Flames will be present in many of the ways that you cook, including grilling, smoking, and more, so this type of imagery makes sense. A flame-shaped sign can also stand out over the other signs in the area that are of more conventional shapes.


People think of a number of topics when they see star shapes, but Texas is one thing that often comes to mind — given that Texas is called the Lone Star State. Texas cuisine and barbecue typically go hand in hand, so it's not a stretch to think that when you include stars on your barbecue restaurant sign, they'll help to whet peoples' appetite. You can choose to either have a sign shaped like a giant star, but another option is to simply include some stars in your local or artwork on a sign that is more of a standard shape. These images, combined with the name of your establishment and perhaps a tagline about what you do, should catch the eyes of hungry prospective patrons.

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