If you've looked at the options available for giving your illuminated sign a much-needed face-lift, you may have noticed a big push toward LEDs over the past few years. While you can still get lights for signs in forms like neon and fluorescent tubing, LEDs are so visible now for several reasons. If you're thinking that nothing can replace the glow of neon, think again; inventions like flexible LED lights have made it possible to create tons of colors that offer the look you want.

No Vapors, No Mercury

LED lights do not rely on gases, which means if the light breaks, nothing is escaping into the air where people could breathe it in. This was one of the main disadvantages of fluorescent lights, which had mercury in them and required special disposal procedures. Neon lights use several gases to produce different colors, from neon (red) to helium (orange) to even mercury (light blue). LEDs just have lights, so other than broken glass, you don't have to worry about anything if the light breaks.

Much Longer Life

LEDs last for years longer than fluorescent and neon lights. This is important given how long these lights can be on. These sign lights have to be on for several hours each day, sometimes 24 hours, and LEDs keep those lights shining for years.

No More Buzz!

Have you ever dealt with a buzz coming from a neon or fluorescent light? The buzz isn't supposed to be there, but it often shows up. LED lights don't have that at all. Workers in shops where there are neon-style lights have to listen to that fluorescent buzzing too much and switching to LED when you retrofit your sign will make life a lot easier for them.

Brighter Lights

You want people to notice your sign, which means making the lights bright even if the colors are pastels. LEDs are perfect for this. Combined with the long life span, your sign will shine. While LEDs can start to fade when they reach the end of their life span, it's not always a noticeable dimming—and even if it is, it won't happen for years.

With inventions like flexible LED lighting that can be formed into shapes that resemble neon tubing in lights, you have the perfect opportunity to retrofit your signs into ones that are energy-efficient, bright, long-lasting, quiet, and a lot safer than other lighting options. Don't assume you'll never get that vintage neon glow again; LEDs are here to save the day—or night.

To learn more about sign light retrofitting, contact a sign company near you.